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Prayer and the Goodness of God


This is a book that will challenge your ideas and comfort your mind, that will make you cross and yet give you peace. It is a book that respects your views yet introduces you to something that is entirely new. That will make you laugh and then cause you to cry. It is about God and His Children.

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Editorial/Customer Reviews


Rev. Phil Hill BA,
MPhil, Pastoral and Church Theologian, Union School of Theology

Tom Holland brings to this book the wisdom of a long-serving minister, the heart of a caring pastor, and the knowledge of an internationally respected theologian. That is a very rare combination and no subject is better served by it than a discussion of prayer. In these pages, you will discover not only profound truth simply explained but answers to the questions we have all asked when struggling to pray.

Dr Lawson Murray,
President – Scripture Union Canada

Tom Holland asks the right questions and thereby primes the pump for an eminently readable, engaging and informative reflection on the practice of prayer. All readers, whatever their spiritual maturity, will find much to stimulate their thinking and better equip them to pray.

Philip Grist,
in The Evangelical Times

The book deals with many questions about prayer, constantly asked by Christians; for instance, ‘Why pray when God is sovereign? ‘What about healing?’ ‘Since Jesus said, “I do not pray for the world”, should we pray for unbelievers?’ All in all helpful, unusual and not without challenge for believers at every stage, although particularly helpful for those young in age and spiritual maturity.

Dr Natalie Brand,
Lecturer, writer and mother

This is a unique book. It’s teaching on prayer through dialogue makes it an easy and fast-paced read that proves challenging to one’s prayer life. And the characters bring to it a pastoral reality, as issues such as parenthood, bereavement, healing, and personal evangelism are dealt with. A great little aid for all of us who wrestle in prayer.

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