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Discover how reading Romans as a letter about the church rather than the individual transforms our understanding, revealing profound truths about Christ, salvation, grace, and Christian living.

TOm holland


Dr Tom Holland trained as an engineer but left to study theology after sensing God’s call to Christian service,
After graduating from London University with a Bachelor of Divinity, he accepted an invitation to establish a church 25 miles south of Cambridge. By God’s goodness it grew rapidly.

In preaching regularly, Tom began to see that the Old Testament was far more present in the New Testament than generally recognised.

Tom’s commentary invites readers to break away from fixed ideas and journey to new places. It is informed, scholarly, rich in exegetical insights, yet easy to understand. Tom argues for a reading of Romans that is tied to the Old Testament Scriptures, rooted in Isaiah, is Christ centered and communally focused. I highly recommend it for pilgrims seeking to know God more.

Dr Murray Lawson, President of Scripture Union Canada

Tom Holland's study demonstrates how a deeper understanding of the Old Testament, and particularly of its prophesied new exodus, can illumine Paul's theology of the person and work of Christ in profound ways. Here one will find scholarship that is not only solid but faithful, thorough and yet accessible-in short, scholarship in service of the church.

-L. Michael Morales, Ph.D., Professor of Biblical Studies, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Greenville, SC X21

As a layperson I found this book totally fascinating, and written in a style that is straightforward, The author brought out ideas that forced me to reconsider many of the standpoints I had read in other commentaries. Also his reasoning behind the corporate reading of Romans is logical and entirely convincing, producing a potentially new understanding of the points that Paul is making. This book is a joy to read (I have read and re-read it), and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants a fuller understanding of this important epistle.

-Roy Harries

No one has helped me read & understand St. Paul more than Tom Holland. I find his work to be the near perfect balance of creative yet careful, original yet faithful. While many talk about theological exegesis—Dr Holland actually does it, and he does it well.

Dr Dustin Messer posted on www.kuyperian.com

The book is full of gems of knowledge and wisdom for the taking. Issues that I personally struggled with were helpfully explained time and time again. My copy of the book is filled with my notations on new insights.

Ken B. Godevenos, Accord Resolution Services Inc.Toronto, Ontario.