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How to share a post with all your Facebook friends

The first is for the person who has not tagged before. It reaches some of your friends but there is no certainty that the ones you want the post to reach will get it.

The second is for those who want to know that the page will reach particular people. The number you can tag at any one time is 90.

The third is for those who are more technical and want to share with the entire list of their friends in one click.
Method 1. The simplest way. Simply press the share arrow on the RHS of the Facebook page. This is the simplest way but there is no guarantee that your intended contacts will receive the post.

Method 2 is for the person with no previous experience in tagging. Click on the link below to see a Wikihow presentation of how to do this. It is possible to share with as many 90 FB friends with a single share post after you have clicked their names into a share list.

Method 3. Click on the link below which takes you to a website that explains how to easily share a link with all your Facebook friends. If the link does not open, copy the link and paste it into the search bar and click https://www.alltechbuzz.net/how-to-tag-all-your-friends-on-a-facebook-status-in-a-single-click/

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