We are a specialist publishing house, established to promote publications that explore the New Exodus theme found throughout scripture. The identification of this theme and what it means for a Christian understanding of the message of the Bible are explained in the following information.

Why Apiary Publishing?

An apiary is the place where bees are kept and honey is made. Honey has healing and strengthening properties and its production is the result of bees collecting pollen from plants that are fertilised in the process. It is our hope that Apiary Publishing will achieve similar results for its readers – they will be healed of wrong understanding and strengthened in their faith. Also, as they consider truths that are rooted deep in the Scriptures and share them with friends, they will fertilise a correct understanding of Scripture in their lives.

So Apiary Publishing is where biblical Truth is processed to provide food, health, energy and hope for the Christian community.

Contours of Pauline Theology
Romans The Divine Marriage
Romans Hope for the Nations
Tom Wright and the Search for Truth
God and His Children
Missing Lenses (due out October 2018)

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